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Sinus Flushing

For sinus flushing, use a "Bestcare neti-pot" which is designed specifically for this function.

For this application of sinus flushing, prepare a 1% sole solution by dissolving 0.35 ounces of crystal salt in 3.4 ounces of lukewarm water.

This concentration is equal to the salt concentration in our body fluids and hence, does not irritate the nose as does seawater.

This application can be repeated as often as needed but usually twice a day is sufficient to keep your sinuses clear. Click here to see instructions below

Article About the Neti-pot

"Each evening at bedtime, one nostril becomes completely blocked"

Many people find salt water clears nostrils and sinuses. Buy a nasal doucheor Neti Pot - a small glass pipe witha hole in one side. Dissolve half a teaspoon of natural salt in a cup of hot water and let it cool. Fill the douche with the salt water.

Cover the hole with your finger and as you snort the water up, release your finger and it will shoot up into your sinuses. Done twice daily, it will clear out the mucus and you will be able to breathe easily.

The Guardian

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Product Name Dimensions Description Price
 Neti-pot       approx 50gms       See image above

 Crystal Rocks for use with Neti-pot
Weight: 1.00 kg Perfect for making Sole used for sinus flushing - Packaged in a plastic bag.


Instructions for a Sinus Flush
• Lean your head over the bathroom sink and apply the beak of the neti-pot into your nostril. Keep your mouth closed.

• Lean your head slightly forward and slightly bend it to the side.

• The sole will flow through your nostril and come out of the other nostril. Repeat this procedure with the other nostril.

• This 1% solution is also excellent for gargling when infections of the mucous membranes in the nose, mouth and throat areas occur.

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