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Robert Gray Intestinal Cleanse
2 month complete suppply.

Get rid of human parasites with an Intestinal Cleanse!
1. Colon Cleansing kit Can help with hookworm and other intestinal parasites.

2. Water & Salt Book
3. Crystal Rock for Sole 1kg
4. Bath Salt 1500g
5. Herbal Tea


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As well as offering you 100% natural products, articles about health and remedies, and the opportunity to join our ever increasing number of newsletter subscribers who benefit from information usually given through appointment with a nutritionist or naturopath, we also supply you with FREE delivery the next day on all of our health improving bath salts, salt lamps, himalayan crystal salts, The Robert Gray Intestinal Cleanse program, health supplements and detox packs so you can quickly begin to get the benefits from these products - and if you are unhappy with your choice we can give you a full money refund - guaranteed.

We also provide good customer support for special needs, help for when you are not sure of a certain step on a program as well as a discussion and forum section where your questions can be answered or points raised.

You have made it this far, take it one step further and
start today on the road to better health - the natural way!

Wealden Natural Health

Use our natural health products to free yourself from toxins and impurities.

natural products europeA new method of body cleansing and purification!

Modern people have become "poisoned", their bodies show high levels of acids and impurities and they suffer from a lack of energy and the so-called 'modern civilization illnesses'.

This "poisoning" and the presence of impurities can be put down to the food we eat which, for the most part, consists of food lacking in energy rather than food high in energy. Most of the (unhealthy) foods eaten today form mucoid (slimy) substances in the whole intestinal tract.

Imagine a life without toxins and impurities running through your veins and the benefits to your health, vitality and the improvements to your life this would bring!.

Wealden Natural Health's usage of the natural health product range has a proven track record in improving the conditions described above, and many more!

Our free newsletter is available by entering your first name and email address at the page presented after clicking here, this can open the door to health information normally available through consultation or appointment with naturopaths and nutritionists. (THE NEWSLETTER IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL - we do NOT share any information).

You come first!
We want you to improve your condition and have success from your natural health products and natural health supplements that we provide and so would offer this advice:

1) Use the articles and Newsletter information and other websites/sources to make a rational decision on improving your health naturally removing any bias or rumur.

2) Read the ingredients and facts about our products noting their complete 100% natural origin.

3) Whenever you have a question or are in need of a Naturopathic or Nutritionalist's suggestion about your condition use our contact form where you can email or find our telephone number and let us help.

We are always available to answer any questions! And if we cannot genuinely help we will try and refer you on to someone that can.

Improvements and positive changes don't take long!
Starting to use any natural health products, new routine or program requires that it is completed. But you do not have to wait months of quiet discomfort - many of our natural health products bring results within the first few days while others can take slightly longer - what is important is that you are committed and complete.

100 percent satisfaction or money returnedGuarantee
We are very confident of our superior natural health products and their life improving qualities that we give a full refund* if you are dissatisfied with any product.

We are able to make this genuine guarantee because we believe you simply can't buy better health health product remedies. We want to help you with your health needs and believe it is only fair to allow you to try our natural health products with full peace of mind.

* less handling charge

Call +44 (0) 203 239 1945 (International) or
0203 239 1945 (UK)

Ever thought about becoming a nutritionist or naturopath? more details.

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Colon Cleansing
Human Parasites
Intestinal Cleanse
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